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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Call Plato when
A: Individuals or business owners have questions requiring planning or transitions

  • To understand their financial situation

  • Seeks tax solutions

  • Needs clear, practical answers on corporate benefits

  • Wants more hands-on engagement with their investments

  • Seeks answers for their retirement needs

  • Going through job or career transitions

  • Intends to buy a home

  • Wants to finance education

  • Is going through business and life event changes

  • Expects, or is dealing with an inheritance

  • Is dealing with a separation, or a loss

  • Wants to emerge and rise from a difficult financial situation

  • Needs to address special needs

  • Seeks to clarify asset growth, protection and distribution

  • Needs solutions for estate challenges

  • Wants to clarify their legacy planning

Q: Who are the clients you serve?
A: For open dialogue, clear answers and tailored solutions

  • Plato is particularly sought by people seeking open dialogue and clear answers for practical, tailored solutions.

  • Plato's clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, families, single parents, aspiring savers, people with disabilities, retirees and people seeking guidance to meet life's challenging demands.

  • Most of Plato's clients, over 60%, are women.

  • His clients range from youth to 88+ years old, and the average client age is 55.



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